Monday, May 21, 2012

The New Religion is Flawed

The new religion of this age is non-discrimination. But righteousness is more than just non-discrimination. Way, way, way more than that. Favouritism and sweeping judgments are but one part of living right.

We must also know how to discern between right and wrong and make the decision to choose what is right. In other words, we must learn to discriminate between right and wrong behaviour.

A lot of times I hear the response, "I don't know" from my students. It's almost like "I don't know" has become a standard response, an accepted norm.

But we must learn, we must gain knowledge and understanding and from this knowledge and understanding gain the wisdom and the courage to make the right decisions. Knowing is useless if we don't use it to make right decisions.

What the new religion of today emphasizes is non-discrimination. It's a backlash to the the previous decades of segregation rules and apartheid policies.

And so, we have champions for non-discrimination, any and everywhere there is discrimination it is labelled as wrong. But there are things and behaviour that is wrong, that we must say NO to.

The sad thing is that getting cues from the media and our peers can be a bad indicator of what is truly wrong and right. If our peers love to smoke, it does not necessarily mean that smoking is good.

The media loves to highlight beautiful couples and glamour. The Hollywood hype has glamourized movie idols and celebrities but in doing so it glosses over behaviour that is wrong. Having an affair and the lack of self-control is excused in favour of "true love". It has redefined "true love" as finding someone more attractive instead of working out problems and being committed to the one you made your vows with.

The new religion has taken freedom to be yourself to be an excuse to give in to any whim and fancy that overcomes you. The "natural" desires that you believe you have a considered pure and good. Then we might as well piss on the streets and defecate on the sidewalks, these are natural desires. No, we exercise self-control. There is a time and place for everything. 

It is not suppression but control, lest we become nothing more than animals. Humans are more than just animals. We are not just thinking animals. We have something nobler, something inside of us that is more than what an animal is. It is something foreign  inside of us that tells us that something is wrong even though the animal body wants it so badly.

We call it the conscience. We call it the spirit. Science can only explain things in the 3 dimensions only what we our senses can detect. Economics and Biology calls us the selfish animal. But I think there are more things in life that goes beyond what we can see, touch, hear, feel or taste. It is with the heart that we see the true beauty in this world.