Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Growing Up

When I was young, growing up, adults and people in authority were the ones who made decisions, they were like gods. They made decisions, they were confident, they always seemed to know what to do.

So when I became an adult, I thought I could finally now be like them, be confident, to know everything and what to do and to make decisions.

But I realize now that just being a adult, or at least in physical form does not confer upon me these qualities.

I've realized that a lot of adults don't know everything. That a lot of them are quite ignorant. They make decisions not out of wisdom but a lot of them out of old habits, haste, ignorance, arrogance, pride, fear.

And it's not just anyone above 21. It's not just your average town fool who does this. It can be managers, colonels, directors, CEOs, bankers, lawyers, degree holders.

None of us are exempt from grasp of foolishness.

We are all given the responsibility to search out wisdom. As Euclid replied to a king: There is no royal road to learning and understanding.

I think that if we believe that once we become 21, or get the title of "Manager" or "CEO", we've made it, that we've reached the end of growing up. I think now that that is foolishness.

The act of changing our marital status to "Married" does not make us any happier (or wiser). Nor does having children, or getting promoted, or of winning the lottery.

So, what does make us any more wiser?

I can't think of just one answer right now as I write this blog post. I can think of several things that do contribute.

One of them is to make a decision (and to stick with it). Another is to give up our overweening pride. Another is to seek out the truth behind facts, to know the motives and intents of others. Another is to conquer our fears and to be courageous. Another is perseverance. Love too is an important ingredient, perhaps the most important one of them all from which the other actions hang from.

All I can say is that we must be alert, from one moment to the next, to be aware of what is happening in the here and now and to take the courage to do what is the most important and loving thing at that time.

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