Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things Are 4-Dimensional

Anything created isn't created in 3 dimensions. It's 4 dimensions.

A car is a 3-dimensional object, but it is created in 4. The fourth dimension is time.

Anything that we want to create needs the 4th dimension to be taken into account.

Writing a poem, installing a water heater, assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Time is the fourth thing to take into account.

Everything in this world also takes up space in 4 dimensions. You and I occupy space. But we also occupy time. We are born at a certain moment and we cease to live at a certain point in time.

It makes it easier for us to manage when we realize that and its effects on our planning. If we forget that time is needed even to walk from the bus stop to the MRT it makes our estimation inaccurate. It's like thinking that a piece of paper has no thickness.

I think that is the reason for some of the mistakes I make in estimating and managing goals. Because the 4th dimension was neglected.

I wrote in a previous blog entry that a lot of people go about life aimlessly without realizing that they will die. They are forgetting they don't just exist as a 3-Dimensional being also live in the fourth dimension of time.