Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maturity and Change

I wrote before that maturity means changing our beliefs.

We do not become mature by default. Age does not mature a human being. Unlike the natural world, humans have this thing called freewill.

A bottle of wine matures by default. Humans do not, if they so choose. A 70 year old can be as mature as a 17 year old.

The reason for such immaturity is because someone that old may not have chosen to let go of his self-limiting beliefs, or hurts, or fantasies.

Maturity means we make a decision. Sometimes these are tough decisions. But it is the journey that we all must take. Maturity means accepting the truth that we as humans have freewill. Negatively put, it means that humans are condemned to be free. But in a divine viewpoint, we have been given the gift of freewill. And that with freewill comes responsibility. It also means that there are consequences to our actions that what we say do or even think has an impact.

On a side note, I just noticed in the newspaper today that even terrorists can be charged and jailed for plotting to blow up a building, even though they did not commit it. I wonder if it can be compared to what Jesus said, that a man has already committed adultery just by lusting in his heart. Even though the man did not commit adultery, he was already plotting to do it.

But going back to the idea of change, we change first in our minds. It must start with our hearts and minds to make a decision and a decision can only be made when we have gone through the facts, and accepted certain facts as truth.

Perhaps that is why journaling is such a great tool in maturity. At the end of each day, we write down what happened, we search our feelings, our thoughts. We write down our decisions and the consequences of those decisions. And by examining them we strive to understand the truth, accept reality and make appropriate changes in our behaviour. And by so doing we become even more mature.

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