Thursday, April 09, 2009

Just For Laughs Shoot

Micro ear piece used for hidden camera gags.On Tuesday, I went for a shoot with the Just For Laughs team in Singapore.

The photo on the right is the teeny tiny earpiece we used as actors for the gag. The director would give instructions through it. It's as small as a single peanut seed. But it costs S$2000.

It was a great experience. I worked with the director Dagan for a special gag. (I won't reveal what it was, but it will certainly raise a few eyebrows).

Nico and Cheryl Ann SngLessons learnt from the audition process and actual shoot:

For JFL gags, if yours is the first on that day. Don't be late. Every bit of sunlight is important to squeeze in more takes. If it's an 8:15 call time, be there at 8. I'm glad I took a cab. Filming was good to go at 8:30am.

Bring a mirror with you on shoots, its easier to see your expressions and know what the director wants. In fact, bring a mirror during rehearsals, so you'll know what he wants. It's hard to create a certain expression without seeing what you are doing right or wrong.

Nico and Eloise TanWear a singlet underneath your shirt to absorb sweat. It's hot filming during the day time outdoors.

Wear something with a plain colour. Stripes may cause a shimmering effect for the camera.

If you're shooting a kissing scene, floss, mouthwash and brush your teeth before the shoot. Bring breath mints as well.

If you are bringing a partner for an audition/shoot, always have a backup in case she backs out. Always explain to the partner what the shoot entails.

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