Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love Goes Beyond Civility

I head the other day one rule of life being expoused was "To do no harm to others".

And while being good in itself, it is not the same as "to do good" or "to love your neighbour".

Having a philosophy of doing no harm does not compel a person to do good. It is not a proactive way of life. It is a passive way of existing in the world.

Whereas on the other hand, to love your neighbour, to do good is a proactive way of living life. It is a way of living life that means getting involved even when it is uncomfortable.

Just as a dentist may cause pain while extracting a decayed tooth, loving your neighbour may mean that you may even cause pain while doing good. It won't harm, but neither will it be painless.

In this modern world of comforts, we have come to shy away from discomfort, from painful realities that must be faced. Life in the post-modern age has shied away from ideas like bravery, boldness, and responsibility creating an unbalanced moral structure.

Love means going deeper than mere civilities, than just discussing the weather and being good in small-talk. I need to ask myself, how have I done things that caused me to go beyond my comfort zone, to do, to give, to ask, so that a greater good can be done more than for my own selfish convenience.

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