Friday, January 23, 2009

Desk Phones Out. I Suggest Multinumber SIMs.

The Straits Times here in Singapore wrote a story about deskphones being phased out.

Office workers will no longer be familiar with a desk phone. And why so? People aren't at their desks often. I'm hardly at my desk. And when I am, I don't like being chained to the desk line if I want to walk out and discuss a matter if it becomes sensitive. At home, I don't have a residential line. There's no need for it.

I see a need here then. People will need multi-number phones. With one SIM card, they can be contacted using more than one number. That way they can receive calls from both the office and home.

Alternatively, there can be virtual numbers. A telco like Starhub can sell office lines without a physical line. Rather, the office lines merely redirect to the users mobile phone.

Having a multinumber SIM would be useful too if the telco agrees to allow foreign SIMs. If for example, I commute between Thailand and Singapore often, I would want to have a local number in each country each calling me on my single mobile phone. Having two phones is an inconvenience to maintain. A business model could be negotiated between an alliance of telcos or so where a subscriber can subscribe to multiple phone lines between partner telcos.

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William said...

There are actually other alternatives to desk phones like what you've just said. I totally agree that we're always not in our desks that's why we can't use our desk phones often.

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