Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Cure for Dysentery

I wouldn't want to try this:

A bedouin cure for bacterial dysentery is eating camel faeces. Something which German soldiers testified to.

Congratulations on the Small Decisions

It's lonely when we make:

The decision not to eat that one candy bar or order dessert..

That decision to switch off the TV and give up that 1/2 hour sitcom or football game...

That decision to stop surfing the internet or to click on that next link...

That decision to delete that computer game...

That decision not to swear at someone...

That decision to do the laundry...

That decision to clean up our room...

That decision to go out for lunch with someone who's lonely...

Nobody notices the amount of effort taken. No champagne popping, no parties, nothing.

But I think heaven does.

The thing sometimes in life is that we don't get praise on the small decisions.

Every feeble effort that we make to become a better person is extremely commendable, in fact, greatly appreciated by God.

The Bible says that heaven rejoices when even a single sinner comes to repentance.

I believe that God delights in us in every single positive decision that we make.

Remember the widow who gave that two pieces of copper into the offering at the temple? Jesus noticed. And he said that she gave more than all others who gave out of the abundance of their riches.

So, when you make a decision, any small decision, no matter how trivial, remember, heaven notices.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Getting People To Work For You

There is no way around it. There are endeavours which require more than a single person to accomplish. This means teamwork.

But there are two ways we can view it, one that we use people. The other is that people want to serve us.

The first method means extracting out of people their time and energy, probably compensating them with money, and perhaps using fear and guilt.

The second means being a person with such integrity, charisma, clarity of vision, that people are compelled inwardly to work for you.