Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life was made...

I think that it is a silly delusion perpetuated by the mass media that the main goal of life is to achieve pleasure and comfort.

Are we put on this planet for our own little amusement?

I do not mean to be ascetics, but that we are deluding ourselves and setting ourselves up for a very big letdown if we think that life is all about pleasure.

Pictures of a young couple walking by the seaside, or relaxing by the pool with a cocktail besides him/her, or a beautiful/handsome couple seated in a lounge, hotel, airline, etc.

When someone says that prosperity is for a purpose, I agree with them. But we must ask, what is that purpose? and to keep on remembering what the purpose is throughout.

When the means becomes the end, what do we become?

The purpose of life in general is love. Love of other beings. Not a feeling, but a genuine concern for the welfare of other beings both divine and mortal. It is in relationships that we find meaning. Little wonder that the two commandments are hinged on loving God and our neighbour.

I feel that if we think too much of how God can bless us materially, we forget that our true riches are found through love and building others up. We must ask ourselves when we count our blessings that it is because God loves us.

The next question then is how much have we loved others? Have we become so preoccupied with our jobs, our vocations, the mortgage, the rent, until we "don't have time for others". Money is good, to a certain extent, if we don't have money we won't be able to fully concentrate on relating and blessing others. So we pray like one of the writers in the Bible that we not be poor that we are tempted to steal.

But money can become greed, when we place money above relationships, when we talk more and show more concern for share prices, property valuations, IPO's, gold than about our feelings, about happiness, loneliness, hope, joy, fears, problems, support, etc.

So my question is, "True, prosperity is for a purpose, but what is that purpose? And how are you achieving that purpose day to day in your everyday life?"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Herzberg's Motivational Theory on Dating

I've learned that on the first date, a guy should always offer to pay for it. Never mind about the modern liberated woman, blah, blah, blah.

Herzberg's Motivational Theory states that there are hygience and motivational factors. Money is a hygience factor. Without money people will get demotivated, however more money will not motivate them.

I realized that it applies to dating too.

Money isn't everything in dating. A guy lavishing gifts on a woman doesn't mean that he loves them nor does it necessarily mean the lady will feel good.

However, if the guy doesn't even offer to pay for the date, or buy dinner, it demotivates. More money doesn't show that he loves him. But no money may be a strong indicator that he doesn't love her.

Movies Are Tax Deductible

On a whim, I asked my accountant friend whether as a screenwriter, my watching movies can be considered a deductible expense, she said to my surprise... yes!

Because I need to watch movies to understand movies and screenwriting, it is a valid expense.

Wow... looks like my DVDs and movies and musical expenses can be written off literally as business entertainment expense.

Dying is Easy, Living is Hard

It is easy to die for your religion, any idiot can do that.

However, it isn't easy to live for it. Living a holy life is far, far, far harder than dying.

A sacrifice is only a sacrifice if it is valuable in the eyes of the giver. In a way, it is relative. Remember the widow who gave all that she had, two copper pieces? A greater sacrifice than many other rich men who gave out of the abundance.

Therefore, in order to sacrifice your life, you must learn to love your life, to love yourself, not in the hedonistic sense, but in the spiritual sense, to see yourself as a person created in the image of God.

A sacrifice must also be done out of love: "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13). A sacrifice done out of hate isn't a sacrifice at all, it is spite. It must be done, voluntarily, out of friendship not because of compulsion or a self indulgent reward like virgins in heaven.

That is why I disagree with extremists and reports that describe themselves as martyrs.