Friday, March 21, 2008

Religion, Race and Nationality are Different Things

What I really hate about politics is that politicians have this habit of mixing up religion, race and nationality accidentally (or perhaps conveniently?)

When a terrorist leader like Osama wants to criticize Christianity, he mixes it up with government policies. He will criticize Danish protection of free speech as a Christian institution, when free speech has nothing to do with Christianity.

Or when Malay politicians use Islam and the Malay race to protect their interests. Aren't all people born in Malaysia, Malaysians?

Monday, March 17, 2008

What People With Needs Show

I think that the disabled, the helpless, they are not useless. They do have a purpose.

Unlike the Nazis who considered the handicapped and disabled as ones who needed to be disposed of because they are a burden to a country's resources, they serve a purpose that money cannot buy.

They show our humanity.

By caring for them, we show that economic production, power, and pleasure are far lesser goals than the one that fills our souls. The need to love.

What A Writer Does

A writer writes by observing people. He sees people and what they do. He contemplates the meaning behind things, why do they do what they do?

He is a thinker and philosopher.

He sees in his mind beauty, imagining things that could be, that is and that was.

The words are the means of communicating this with others. It is the medium of transference of what sees with the mind's eye to another sentient human being.