Monday, December 22, 2008


The true end of humility is self-forgetfulness. If we think it is some kind of opinion of ourselves, that believing that our talents are truly less than what they are, we are believing in a falsehood. It is dishonest.

We are not humble if we are beautiful and handsome and then think we are ugly. Or that we are stupid when we are clever.

Humility is rejoicing in a work whether it is from our own hands or from anothers.

God wants us to be able to rejoice in all things because it is good and excellent.

Think of yourself as a good architect, programmer, accountant or artist. And then forget about it. Humility however, isn't about trying to think that we are bad or incompetent.

To be proud of yourself, you might as well be proud of the colour of your hair. Because your talents are given to you.

Turn your attention outward, not to yourself.

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