Friday, December 05, 2008

Human Rights, The New Religion

I really do think now that in this more and more agnostic and atheistic world, the new religion is human rights.

There is no such thing as no religion. Everyone has a religion, a set of moral codes and values that they live by.

Like any other religion it has good points. Human rights are after all, something that is needed in this world. People have the right to be treated fairly, to be allowed access to education, and free from discrimination.

But what I fear from the emphasis on human rights is that it emphasizes the rights of the individual. And in so doing, it creates a self-centered ideology.

What it lacks is the other side of the coin. Responsibility. For every right that we have, we also have a responsibility to use that right well, to use it responsibly. A right to drive a car means that you need to be responsible when driving. A right to free speech means that you must be responsible with what you say.

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