Sunday, December 28, 2008

Being Thankful Even In Hard Times

Sometimes I think maybe... just maybe having little money is a good thing.

When you are a billionaire, you might not be motivated to tap your hidden talent, to act, to write, to be creative and produce works of art. Your every need is pandered for.

LIke Alexander the Great asked after conquering the known world, is there anything more to conquer?

What's worse than having in hard times, is having all the money you ever need and yet not having goals. Being bored with life. That's even more depressing.

When you're too rich, how much pleasure do you find in a simple meal and a treat at a nice restaurant? How much pleasure do you find when someone gives you a gift? Some rich kids have cupboards filled with unopened Christmas presents from all of Daddy's friends. Why? Because there's nothing that their eyes could desire that daddy couldn't buy.

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