Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama to Win

rolling_stone_obama_cover.jpgWith a face like that on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, who needs a makeover? I just can't imagine a dumpy old man like McCain on Rolling Stone.

I am Republican in ideology but I think that Obama represents more than just a party's policies.

Obama is also symbolic. And people also vote for symbols. Obama is perceived to be black (though he is just as much white). So he will be the first African-American to be POTUS. He also has links to Africa and Asia, his election will be a significant turning point in history.

But I think that I would vote for him not because he is symbolical, but because he does come across as politically astute, very intelligent, courteous. He distanced himself but didn't disown his own pastor despite the pastor mouthing racist sermons, he was loyal to him in spite of it. And that to me shows character.

I think that McCain got the short end of the stick from his party. They figured that it would have been difficult for a Republican to win another term. Very, very few parties hold on for more than 2 terms unless the incumbent was really popular (like Reagan). So McCain is the sacrificial lamb for this term. Republicans will probably win in 8 years time in 2016. I think that Barack should stay in power if he performs fairly competently and nothing really catastrophic happens in his first 4 years.

However, I think that people are expecting too much from him. One man in charge of the nation will still not solve the whole world's problems. Reality will set in that things are going to be tough, terrorism and the economy will still be issues and that faith in man will still disappoint.

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