Sunday, September 21, 2008

Living Life

One thing that I've been learning over the past few days is that life is about becoming not just doing.

We do things because of who we are, because of our identity.

But our identity isn't static. Each action, thought and word we say moves us towards becoming the person we were designed to be.

Stress comes from the difference between our ideal self and our actual self. When there is a difference between it.

There is a problem when society, the external forces wants to move us towards a direction that isn't our who we are. There is this ideal image that society creates that we are pressured to strive for that is different from what we are. This incongruity, this tension between who we really are and who we are "supposed" to be creates stress.

To counter this, we acknowledge truth, live in the present being totally aware of what is happening and making choices according to the best wisdom that we have, tapping the rational Adult ego that we have inside.

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