Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Games People Play

In transactional analysis, I realize that a lot of times people are reliving their programmed scripts in their lives all over again.

It's kinda like Groundhog day but their lives are repeated day in and day out, going through the same old grind.

Without knowing it, people are just following an accepted script that they believe rules their lives. "I'm a loser", "I'll never win", "People can't be trusted", "People are stupid", "The only way to win in life is to watch out for number one", "White people are against the black."

In a dreamlike state, they seldom question the reason why they are doing the things that they are doing and the same patterns are repeated each day.

The same series of behaviour repeats itself between parent and child, or husband and wife, abuser and abusee or seducer and seducee. It almost seems as if these people are programmed to seek out other people who are willing to play the game with them.

In a way, it sort of confirms that people are playing a role, they aren't being themselves. Like a giant drama played out on the world stage, they live unexamined lives, with that nagging feeling that life is something bigger. Wearing a mask, a persona that they show to their colleagues, their spouses, their family; human society is one where one rarely sees the the true faces behind the facades that they wear. People are afraid to show their faces until they have almost forgotten what they look like.

When will we ever have faces to show? When will our masks come off?

Companies don't look for a person, they also look for someone who fits a role; an actor who can play a part in their production. So it isn't just his qualifications that matter, it's also his look, his demeanour. "Does he look like he can play the part?", they ask in their hearts. In Japanese companies, you are expected to stay late. That is the role that you are expected to play. Never mind if you spend the day goofing off, as long as you stay late. Non-conformists are penalized because they are not playing the role implicitly assigned to them.

The theme of the Matrix movies is that a majority people are living their lives in an artificial world, never questioning, never wondering what and why they are doing in this world.

Are we caught in a daze? A groundhog day? A computer simulation? A dreary existence? Are we able to unplug ourselves from the Matrix? To stop the cycle of Groundhog days? To tear off the masks that we wear and to live truly real and authentic lives devoid of game playing?

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