Monday, September 29, 2008

Free View of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Seeing that the Singapore F1 Grand Prix is in town, the first ever night race, I decided to stop over and soak in the atmosphere. I walked towards Suntec City Mall and passed by the barrier fencing just to hear the roar of the race cars.

I didn't expect to, but I found a free spot to view the action and decided to stay for a few laps of the action.
singapore f1 suntec city mall view.jpg

There were of course lots of people trying to find a vantage point to view for free. Here are some people using City Hall MRT entrance right next to Suntec City mall.
singapore f1 free spot city hall mrt entrance.jpg

And if you can't find a spot, there's always the popular and crowded Balaclava bar right at the entrance to the mall. They set up LCD screens for thirsty drinkers to catch the action.
singapore f1 balaclava suntec city.jpg

singapore f1 free spot.jpgThis is a diagram of where you can get a free view of the Singapore F1 grand prix. It's actually right at the corner of Pan Pacific hotel next to Raffles Boulevard. Notice at the top of the connector between the hotel and Marina Square? That's a tennis court. That provides really great views on both sides, front and back but the court was made off limits on race day. Later on when the race started I did notice people in the court watching.

Another free spot in which you can view for free is the stairwell at the Marina Mandarin hotel.singapore f1 free spot 2.jpg

Here's the view from the corner. Notice that there are blinds to prevent people from viewing the race at street level from the Marina Mandarin hotel. It stretched all the way up and down the street including the spot from Carl's Jr which was free yesterday.
singapore f1 blinds up.jpg

However, soon after the race started, the crowd tore it down and the race stewards allowed it to remain down.
singapore f1 blinds down.jpg

After watching about 5 laps of the action I decided to cross over and have a look from the other side of the fence (was the grass greener?) as well as to go home and watch the action. Watching racing events is actually boring. You don't really know what's happening unless you have with you a portable TV with live feed and commentary of what's happening.

The following is the view from Carl's Jr.
singapore f1 free spot carls jr.jpg

And this is from Marina Mandarin hotel:
singapore f1 free spot marina mandarin.jpg

This is a video of the action from my vantage point of the second lap. Looks pretty exciting huh?

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