Monday, September 08, 2008

Conflict Resolution, DHL Service Level

My pastor today remarked that conflict should be resolved as soon as possible, even if you are in the midst of worship, before the sun goes down.

That struck me. How often do we actually resolve conflict as soon as possible?

Usually any offenses we endure or inflict are kept, held in the hearts only to be unleashed on the proper day. In transactional analysis, experts call this Stamp Collecting. Much like coffee house patrons can sometimes keep cards on which a stamp is given for every cup of coffee drunk and then redeemed when enough stamps are collected.

They call this collecting red stamps.

Instead of collecting stamps, conflicts should be resolved by the end of the working day. However, it is much more crucial to resolve these things that almost any important activity should be dropped. This reminds me of a famous actor who played the lead role in Phantom of the Opera. His door was always open and he always told anyone who he had a conflict with to see him in his dressing room to resolve things immediately.

However, the worldly culture is to let things go. It may even be glossed over spiritually like, using "forgiveness" and the like. But then these things bite back. Hurts are remembered even 20 years ago. "Remember back in 1957 you did..." In the corporate environment, a passive boss may bite back at his subordinates during his yearly evaluation.

Conflict should be resolved, same day. Just like DHL promises same day delivery.

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