Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Only Difference...

Imagine that we were all given the powers of gods. Imagine that we had the power to have anything that we ever wanted, all our needs were taken care of, our hunger, our sexual needs, our housing, our pleasure, everything.

What else would there be to do?

But just having the power of a god doesn't make us any more divine. What is the difference between Superman and Darkseid (or insert your favourite super-villain here).

It isn't the powers.

Superman isn't superman just because of his powers. He's superman because of what he stands for and what he does.

If we did have the power of gods and everyone around us had the same powers, there would be nothing left to do. We would have all the knowledge, all the power, but then we would live in our own worlds, we could create our own fantasies to live in, locking ourselves from others. Nobody could harm us. And we could never harm anyone else.

That's why love is the thing that remains. Love breaks us from our own world. Love gets us in touch with another sentient being.

So therefore, the only thing that makes me different at each moment is whether I do it in love. Love allows us to take part in the divine nature. If we were all gods, how then could we show love to one another? Perhaps then the gift of humanity is it's incompleteness. That we all have needs. Once we meet someone else with needs, we can show our love for them, and they for us in our own needs.

If there were no needs in our life, no one could show us love. And if there were no needs in others, we would have no one else to show love to.

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