Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Believing in God is a serious thing

I wrote a few days ago that either God doesn't love us or he does love us. Not just love us a little, 50%, 99% but 100%.

I also realize now that:
  • Believing in God is a serious thing.
  • Believing in a God who is interested in us is even more serious.
  • Believing in a God who is interested in us and loves us that he would be willing to do anything, even die for us is totally awesome.
If we believe in a God who is interested even in the most minute thing that we do, think or say, then it stands to reason that I must be very careful at every moment what I do say or think. From the very moment that I wake up and every decision that I make, this sentient being, this presence is quite aware of what I am doing, how I am doing it, my motives and the attitudes behind it.

In a way, it is just like the Heisenberg uncertainty theorem. Because I believe that there is an observer, what is observed is affected.

But the thing is, God is more than just a passive observer, he is also an active participant in my life. At times yes, he may seem silent, but he is always there. And if we believe that he is truly interested in us, and loving us, we can ask him for anything that we want.

With such knowledge, therefore, it stands to reason that we are truly more than conquerors, that there is nothing that we cannot overcome in life.

Therefore believing in an almighty and loving God must change our lives. It is the only logical consequence. So do we really, really, really, really believe in God?

Because if I do, I can't stand around anymore wasting my life. I can't get away with a careless remark, or an unloving gesture and hope that He is pleased. (Yes, he still loves me, but I'm quite sure he isn't pleased). It also means that I can walk around with confidence and my head held high, because I am his child. That I am not a loser. That I am free, that the whole world is mine because of His love.

Believing and experiencing are two different things. Like Carl Rogers wrote, It's quite alright to teach a child that two and two is four. But it is a different matter altogether for the child when he experiences with blocks that two and two really is four.

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