Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Way To Protest Surreptitiously

Activist tries to show Tibetan flag at Olympic venue

Unfortunately for this lady, she was caught. (And you can see the guard even managed to molest her as well.)

I suggest another way of doing it, where you can feign ignorance.

Get 9 friends each to wear the following T-Shirts:

(You can buy these t-shirts here:

When you have the opportune time, arrange yourself in the proper order when the television cameras are on you.

If the police catch you, just rearrange your seating and ask "What's the problem officer?"

Heck, you can even have fun creating anagrams:

Bee Fitter.
Bitter Fee.
Be Tit Free.
Bet It Free.
Feet Biter.
Tie Bereft.
Feet Tribe.

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