Sunday, July 20, 2008

Xiaxue versus Dawn Yang

There is a currently a feud in the Singapore blogosphere between the two biggest bloggers.

Wendy Cheng a.k.a. Xiaxue ( versus Dawn Yang (

Without taking sides, my observation is that the problem of being a blogger or more generally a public figure, whether on TV or the Internet is that you can be trapped into the persona that you have created.

Xiaxue is trapped in the persona of the bitchy, critical, angsty and immature teen/twenty something person that she is. That's what readers of her blog go there to read. People don't go to her blog to read about musings on the purpose of life and how to make the world a better place.

You can argue that she isn't trapped but she is merely just being herself. That what you read is her. But blogs being blogs, they are also what we want to project to the public, the image we create for ourselves, whether it is of a happy go lucky person or the manic depressive.

Being a blogger means we are revealing our thoughts and feelings towards the world. and we take a risk when we do that. Blogging gives us the opportunity to voice ourselves in this manic world, to express ourselves. But what happens when we write something that is immature or foolish or just plain wrong?

I think that there are some things that we should keep to ourselves. Even God keeps secrets from us. There's no need to tell everyone how we feel about someone else. Bitching about someone online reflects more on the character of the bitcher than the bitchee.

We often don't realize that in cyberspace our thoughts and views are there for the whole world to see including potential employers, business partners, friends and family.

There are some posts here on my blog that when I think of it reflects something of me 3-4 years ago that was different. And I thought of removing those posts.

However, for me, I'll leave them there for now. Because I want to use my blog more of a record of how I have changed through the years. I want my blog to have the theme of self-development, that we all undergo change, that when we look back at our entries we will see how we have matured, how some of our goals and feelings and thoughts were immature. Yet also there is treasure in reading back some of our decisions and insights that have changed the course of our lives. I am both ashamed, embarassed and amazed reading some of my personal journal entries.

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