Saturday, July 05, 2008

Let Your Talent Shine!

It just happened today that I realized that we do a disservice to God if we don't use our talents. We may think of our talents as "useless", "just a hobby", "it'll never go anywhere".

After seeing a trailer of the latest Disney film, I then searched for a song from Wall-E, At Last by Etta James.

Coincidentally, it led me to the following clip:

Just listen to the judges' first impressions.

Terry Fator below was a ventriloquist who at one point performed in a 1000 seat theatre for an audience of one!

Talk about discouragement.

Below is another clip that I guarantee will blow you away from his participation in "America's Got Talent".

There's one thing to take from this real life story. If you have talent and know it. Don't give up. Let your light shine!

Read his wikipedia entry to find out whether he won.

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