Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Effect of Past Events on Future

If I flip a fair coin 5 times, and 5 times in a row it comes out heads, what are the odds of it coming out heads again?

The answer is 1/2. Past events do not affect the probability at all.

In the same way, what happens in our past doesn't dictate our future. If we have failed over and over again, it doesn't mean we are doomed to failure.

We have just as much opportunity to succeed each day as any other man. It's just the choice we make and what we define as success and failure.

All we have to do, is know that each day our success is to do what we have to do each day. That's all.

For an alcoholic, it's getting through the day sober. For some of us, it's just managing our time. For another, it's negotiating a business deal. For some, just living is a struggle. For a grumpy person, saying words of encouragement is an achievement.

Let's live each day working towards our own individual success each day. Let us pray that God will give us each day our daily bread.

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