Friday, June 27, 2008

Being Better

In a game between England and Germany and both sets of supporters pray to God for a win, whose prayers will God answer?

If we pray to win, aren't we praying for the other party to lose? If we pray to be rich, aren't we praying that at least 51% of the world is poorer than us?

The human condition likes to compare itself with another.

Instead of asking to be better than someone else, we should consider being better than ourselves, so that the person we are today is better than the person we were yesterday.

An elite marathon runner runs a marathon in about 2 hours 15 minutes. I run a marathon in 6 hours 20 minutes. I don't need to compare myself with them. I can only compare myself with my previous time.

Life is about becoming the best person you can be.

Being a better husband, lover, than yesterday. Being the most confident, most assured, most knowledgeable, most competent person.

Each day, I should behave in a manner better than what I was yesterday. That's another reason why we should journal. We evaluate who we are at the end of each day and consider how we can become better the next.

Coming back to England and Germany. I am reminded of Olympic sprinter and missionary Eric Liddell's prayer when someone asked him whether he ever prays to win. "I dont pray to win. I pray that God may be glorified."

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