Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Sex Drive

Sometimes as we go along in life, a man may ask God "Why did you give me a sex drive? I wish I didn't have it." Or a woman may say, "Men are such perves, they look at me with disgusting eyes."

I think that if these people really got what they are implying they wouldn't want it.

The sexual drive is to be celebrated as a gift of God. Imagine instead that men with too strong a drive became gay, impotent, or castrated? Sales of viagra show how older men long for the time when they were more youthful.

And if you think men are perves just for looking at you, have you met the woman who wishes a for that day a man might even look at her?

Sooner or later, that time will come when we will lose our sexual potency, our youthful attractiveness. Celebrate that time of youthful strength, and the full bloom of the body that God gave to you. Neither abuse it but enjoy the gift of God.

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