Thursday, April 10, 2008

Idea for Movie

Heart Transplant Man Kills Himself Just Like His Donor.

Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction. The idea of an organ donor doing tricks on the receiver is employed in the movie "The Eye".

But this takes the cake. The receiver begins to act and feel like his donor. Even falls in love and marries the widow.

Really good material for a movie. I can imagine a scene, where Mr. Graham begins to start hearing voices, sees things, begins changing his dressing style, tastes in food, his walk, his gait, starts remembering things he's never experienced. He visits Mr. Cottle's house. Remembers the combination to a secret safe. "How did you know?" "I don't know, just got lucky I guess."

A titanic struggle ensues. The spirit of Mr. Graham and Mr. Cottle fight to gain control of the body. In our real life case, Mr. Graham lost.

Though of course... it could be the wife, who engineered a fake suicide. So instead of a supernatural thriller, it becomes a CSI or Hercule Poirot story.

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