Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sensitive Issues

The oft reason not to raise issues related to race, like Article 153 in the Malaysian constitution which is a racist policy, is that it is a "sensitive issue" and will stir up conflict.

But if we consider that a group of people is also akin to an organism, i.e. a body, with some people functioning as the brain (the government), some the hands (the uniformed forces), some the legs (the economic workforce), then these "sensitive issues" is akin to that nagging conscience.

When a government orders its people not to stir up "sensitive issues", it is like a person refusing to listen to the voice of reason and conscience in his mind. Like a drug addict or alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge that what he is doing is wrong, or perhaps in milder cases, a debtor refusing to look at his state of accounts.

Malaysia is unique as a country which has a racist and straightforwardly unfair laws. Imagine the United States decreeing all Irish to be Catholics, or Britain defining all English to be Protestants or Thailand that all Thais be Buddhists. Yet Malaysia is a country that actually defines Malays to be Muslims in the constitution.

Unless Malaysia realizes the moral morass that racist and bigoted policies create, it will continue to have racial and religious tension in the country. It will be tough, because like the alcoholic going through the 12-step program, the first thing he has to do is to admit that he has a problem. Until the ruling government acknowledges it, it will never be cured.

If only there were such things for countries as there are for alcoholics, I can only imagine the following to happen...

Gathered in the room are South Africa, United States, Germany, England.

South Africa: ...and I've been sober since 1994 when I abolished apartheid.

Enter Malaysia

Malaysia: Hi, my name is Malaysia, and I'm a racist country.
All: Hi Malaysia!


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