Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We Are More Dependent Than We Thought

I've been seeing a certain theme in 3 different areas of what I'm reading.

It's that we are dependent on one another.

The first, a book on "Power, Influence and Persuasion" by Harvard Business Review says that we are all dependent on everyone. Even kings are dependent on their advisors for wisdom and insight, knights for protection, earls to provide resources and manage lands.

Another book I read "Project Planning, Scheduling and Control" by James Lewis. A Project Manager doesn't just tell people what to do. In fact, he merely facilitates, because the people he works with know better than him on what to do. He is dependent on them to do the actual work, to provide insight, because they are on the ground and know what is happening.

Thirdly, "12 Christian 'Beliefs' That Can Drive You Crazy" by Henry Cloud talks of relational dependence. We need people to talk to, to ask for help. The Pharisees were hypocrites because they thought they were self-sufficient in their righteousness. That they had "got it" and didn't need God to rescue them. When we realize that we are interdependent, it is a step in humility.

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