Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dim Sum Dollies: The History of Singapore

I watched Dim Sum Dollies on Saturday and my second experience of Dim Sum Dollies, the first more than two years ago.

I was pleasantly surprised at this production, and would recommend any resident of Singapore to watch it. If you don't know much about Singapore or the political scene, you won't get some of the jokes. It would also help if you understand (though not required) some Hokkien, Mandarin, Cantonese, and even Malay. (I understand Cantonese, so I understood the "tuna" joke).

History of Singapore as its name suggests is a humorous look at Singapore's history. It takes some digs at current affairs and is careful not to offend. Watching it does need some knowledge of Singapore and issues like China's foreign minister reference to Singapore as a piece of snot, the expulsion of Singapore, LKY's reaction on TV, and other snippets of Singapore's history and life.

I would have been hesitant previously, based on previous experience to recommend it to a younger audience because of the bawdy humor.

However, History of Singapore is very good and I wholeheartedly recommended to students secondary level and above. Sexual innuendos were kept to a minimum. It's a feel good Singaporean play, and at the end of it, you'll feel patriotic about it.

The acting performances by the quartet of Selena, Emma, Pam and Hossan was excellent. They managed to pull of the Malay, Irish, Indian, and English accents superbly. It is no wonder that History of Singapore made another sell-out run.

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