Friday, August 17, 2007

Business Training

I’ve seen it too many times. A company does short term work but forgets stuff that doesn’t bring results but is essential to long term health.

It’s just like exercise.

It’s essential, everyone knows it’s important but a lot of people don’t do it.


Because it seems to be a waste of time.

Because it’s painful and tiring.

Because they don’t have clear goals.

What happens in the end?

They run out of breath in the long run.

They struggle in the latter part of the race. Things slow down. Things don’t seem to work.

And then they wonder why they are out of breath. Why is it so difficult to climb the hill? Why is every step so excruciating?

And so then a company blames (valid reasons though in the right context) the market conditions were not right, wrong choice of platform, too much competition, etc.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from running a marathon is this: “You can’t train overnight for one.”

Starting a company needs preparation. It needs careful planning. It needs training. Study how other created their company, what did they do, how did they go about it. It will go a long way to increasing chances of success.


Becoming the best bricklayer in town isn't the best way to become an architect.

The Real World is Fake

Wait till you get to the real world. Then you'll know.

That's the thing... I think the real world is the fake world.

The world is built on perception, images... lies.

Image is everything, an ad with Andrea Agassi said.

The stock market is buoyed by "confidence".

Managers don't really manage by objectives achieved, they manage by how good they will look in front of their boss.

The success of cosmetic plastic surgery goes to show the emphasis on appearances are in this world.

Spin doctors abound to protect the image of the clients.

But is there any good in it all? Perhaps. Makeup is to enhance beauty, just like fresh paint on a building. Advertising is to spread good news of some product or service that can help people.

The danger is when truth is compromised.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You Don't Have To Be Perfect To Be Promoted

You don't have to be the best programmer to be promoted to become a manager of programmers. Though knowledge of programming is good, management is an entirely different ball game altogether.

It's like this. A lot of good football managers were football players, but they weren't the best. Jose Mourinho, case in point. He wasn't a good player at all. But his dad was a good manager.

In fact, being a good player doesn't make you a good manager. Most of the world-cup winning squad of 1966 didn't do too well in other jobs.

My advice to people who want to go up is that you don't need to be very good in the lower level tasks to go into management. Get an MBA or a certified project manager and find people who will hire you into management. You can't wait for your boss to promote you to a position. People skills are a much different skill that accounting or programming, etc.

80% of the success of your career is in your hands. Not your boss.

Note To Self: Ironing

Don't iron clothes before going to work.

There's always that nagging feeling that you may have not switched it off.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sources of Inspiration

Everywhere is a source of inspiration. Your friends, your neighbours, your enemies. For writers you can take revenge by making your enemies villains in your stories. (Muah ha ha ha ha... It's true. I just read that the recently deceased Ingmar Bergman created a character based on his father whom he didn't like).

It gives you more motivation to find out about people. What makes them tick. It does in fact, make people more interesting.

Now that I'm writing, people get more interesting. You want to know their background, the parents, their friends, their aspirations, their fears. Not that I want to use people as source material, but rather that you realize that everyone is unique and has something interesting about them.

Everyone has their own story to tell. Some may be in Act 2 of their careers, Act 1 of their marriage, Act 3 of their relationships.