Thursday, June 21, 2007

Live The Dream


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Yeah.... went for the Live the Dream audition on Sunday.

Actually, I nominated my friend Nancy who really sings well, but she turned them down after they called twice.

But as for me, I'll give anything a shot.

I sang Nat King Cole's "Let There Be Love"

They didn't say I was bad. But they asked me whether I could something more upbeat, more pop. It's then that I realized I don't listen to anything other than musicals.

Oh well... there's always next year...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

God Is Great, But Malaysia Ain't So

The recent Lina Joy case shows the hypocrisy and weakness of the Malaysian legal system.

As the news of the verdict filtered out shouts of "God is Great" filled the air by a crowd of about 200 people outside of the courts.

Lina Joy, a Christian was disallowed from changing her legal status from Islam to Christian.

Lina had received death threats for her challenge to the legal system in Malaysia. But as we see, history repeats itself, the judges were as weak as Pilate, who washed his hands of responsibility and handed Jesus to the Jews.

In this case, it was Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim and Datuk Alauddin Mohd Sheriff who handed Lina over to the Islamic Shariah courts.

So was Pope Benedict right? Is there no compulsion to believe in Islam? Or is it spread by the sword or in this case the sword of the courts?

I can only pray for my Malay friends that one day they will know the freedom to worship God in freedom and in truth.

The irony for Malaysia is this: For a race that considers itself privileged, they fail to give themselves the basic human right to freedom of religion.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

You Make The Perfect Hero...

Why is that?

We think at times, "I can't be a hero... I'm not good at this or that... or I can't..."

Let's read what Christopher Vogler writes in "The Writer's Journey" on a hero.

Interesting flaws humanize a character. We can recognize bits of ourselves in a Hero who is challenged to overcome inner doubts, errors in thinking, guilt or trauma from the past, or fear of the future. Weaknesses, imperfections, quirks, and vices immediately make a Hero or any character more real and appealing. It seems the more neurotic characters are, the more the audience likes them and identifies with them.

Flaws also give a character somewhere to go—the so-called "character arc" in which a character develops from condition A to condition Z through a series of steps. Flaws are a starting point of imperfection or incompleteness from which a character can grow. They may be deficiencies in a character. Perhaps a Hero has no romantic partner, and is looking for the "missing piece" to complete her life. This is often symbolized in fairy tales by having the Hero experience a loss or a death in the family. This subtraction from the family unit sets the nervous energy of the story in motion, not to stop until the balance has been restored by the creation of a new family or the reuniting of the old.

In most modern stories it is the Hero's personality that is being recreated or restored to wholeness. The missing piece may be a critical element of personality such as the ability to love or trust. Heroes may have to overcome some problem such as lack of patience or decisiveness. Audiences love watching Heroes grapple with personality problems and overcome them. Will Edward, the rich but cold-hearted businessman of Pretty Woman, warm up under the influence of the life-loving Vivian and become her Prince Charming? Will Vivian gain some self-respect and escape her life of prostitution? Will Conrad, the guilt-ridden teenager in Ordinary People, regain his lost ability to accept love and intimacy?

So, if you think you're flawed and can't think that God can do anything with you... you may be the hero. Remember heaven is watching you, they're rooting for you. Because of your flaws that makes you an even better hero. And you know what? There are 2 types of heroes. The willing and unwilling ones. both make equally entertaining stories. But the unwilling hero must change at some point, he must become committed to adventure.

Your audience, the saints and angels are rooting for you.

The story function of the Hero is learning or growth. Therefore grow.

The aspect of the hero is that he is always active. Act.

The true mark of the hero is not strength or bravery but SACRIFICE. Die to yourself so that you may gain life. Sacrifice means "making holy".

[Origin: 1225-75; (n.) ME < OF < L sacrificium, equiv. to sacri- (comb. form of sacer holy) + -fic-, comb. form of facere to make, do1 + -ium -ium; (v.) ME sacrifisen, deriv. of the n.]

Play! A Video Game Symphony


Watched Play! A Video Game Symphony at the Esplanade today with Vee Nee, June Foo and Jason Foo.

It's a symphony of video game music, which shows that video game music isn't simple but really great music, matching even cinema quality.

Among the tunes that were familiar to me were Super Mario Bros, Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV, Legend of Zelda, and Metal Gear Solid.

We took the cheapest tickets to watch, since its a symphony the emphasis is on the music. I must say that even sitting at the top most level--Circle 3, the music at the Esplanade Concert Hall was excellent.

Having a concert of video game music adds another stamp of approval into making video games a mainstream creative art form on par with theatre, music and dance and film.

It would be quite stressful for me to play in an orchestra, I would be afraid to miss my cue. A wrong note here, or the timing off by a millisecond, and you would notice.
The symphony reminded me on what it means by timing. Each of us has to play a part in this world, we enter into the grand symphony of life with a purpose. Our song plays but for a while in a orchestral arrangement of lives arranged by the Great Composer himself.
There is a time for everything a time to be born and and a time to die.
So how do we live? We learn from mistakes, we practice until we get to be so good in the art of living that it becomes effortless. If we make mistakes, then what we did was a rehearsal for another moment when it will become second nature for us to do the right thing.