Friday, June 15, 2007

Pizza Express Jazz Club (28 May 2007)


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One of the things that I did in London was to visit Pizza Express Club in Dean Street in London. John Williams and John Etheridge was performing there that night.

The Pizza Express Jazz club is between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court. The diner is open normal hours but the Jazz club is only open 7:30pm before performance starts. Sometimes it's hard to get seats, you have to reserve in advance. There weren't any tables free but they allowed us to sit at the bar.

Thanks to Donna for the night there. When we went to sit at the bar, a couple came in and sat behind us. The man kept on going back and forth from the bar.

We had some light conversation with them. Just before it started, we asked the lady, "So your husband plays music?"


"Does he perform as well?"

"Who is he?"

"John Williams"


Yes, the guitarist of the night, the performer of that famous song from Deer Hunter "Cavatina" was sitting right behind us.

Anyway, after the performance we chit-chatted. I told him that I'm an actor and puppeteer as well and he highly recommended to me to watch "Lion King".

He was nice and affable, and kept to his privacy. At first he didn't want us to take his photos but was kind enough later after the show to have some with us. Nice guy.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Teach Us To Number Our Days...


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This is what 201 glass beads look like.

This represents the number of days left in the year. Not that many.

I'm keeping a physical count of days left to achieve my 3 main targets of:

1. Writing a full-length screenplay.

2. Designing a board game

3. Writing a mobile game.

"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12)

English Ice Cream Cone


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I purposely bought an ice cream cone from an ice cream van when I came out of the Tate Britain.

You can find ice cream vans all over England. I wanted to remember the ice-cream I had when I was a kid. Putting in a stick of Flake in it that makes it really English.

The ice-cream is really creamy (and fattening I suppose). It costs £1.75 (really expensive huh? About S$5.31 or RM12! I can buy like 10 plain McDonalds ice-cream cones with chocolate topping for that price!)