Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Effort It Takes To Lose 8.8lbs

I need to lose 4kg to reach my ideal weight of 60.5kg.

That is about 8.8lbs.

At 3500kcal/pound = 30800kcal.

A 5.6km run expends 409kcal.

I need to run = 30800/409 = 75 times @ 5.6km each.

Doing it 3 times/week = 25 weeks = 1/2 year, just for 8.8lbs!!!!!

If I want to do it in 1 month with 4 sessions/week = 16 sessions.
30800/16 = 1925kcal/session = 26km/session.

It's so difficult to lose fat. (You have to make sure you don't lose muscle mass as well.)

So, therefore hitting my weight goal in 1 month may not be realistic.

If I target 3 months at 4 sessions a week and running 8km each time, then I can do it. Plus I need to do weight training to maintain muscle mass.

Losing 1kg/month is more realistic for me. (If based purely on exercise to increase calorie consumption).

If I can reduce my caloric intake by 350/day I can lose an additional 3lbs in a month. That's the equivalent of 2 1/2 cans of coke.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Being Serious

I think that if you want to achieve your goals, you've got to be serious about it. Unfortunately, the word "serious" brings with it connotations of solemnity, toughness, frowns...

I think that it shouldn't be that way. Being serious means that you really want something. It means that it is a high priority. In fact, I think that if you are serious, you can actually have fun, it means that the goal resonates with your entire being, and that you are joyful in the working out of your goal with passion. It means that you don't have to cater to every whim and fancy that comes in your way or be burdened by 1000 other trivial things. It means you can say "No" with certainty, be firm, and not feel guilty about saying no.

There are people who say they want to lose weight but aren't serious about it. They buy slimming teas or drinks, yet eat a candy bar the next hour.

Any goal that is worthwhile to pursue should be pursued with seriousness.

Monday, April 02, 2007

How To Find Your Mission In Life

How to find your mission in life by Richard Nelson Bolles is a short and interesting read but concise in what it needs to get across. A mere 67 pages with just one to two paragraphs per page, it strives to get across the fact that our mission life is secondary to the mission giver.

Making no apologies for being a Christian, we must know that between the bookends of our lives on this earth, namely our birth and death, we have a mission. But it is more important to remember who the mission giver is and to be united and connected to him in order for us to know our mission.

To summarise:

  1. Your first mission in life is to seek to stand hour by hour in the conscious presence of God, the one from whom your Mission is derived.

  2. Your next mission is to do what you can, moment by moment, day by day, step by step, to make this world a better place, following the leading and guiding of God's spirit within you and around you.

  3. Your third mission on earth is:

    1. exercise that Talent which you particularly came to Earth to use—your greatest gift, which you most delight to use,

    2. in the place(s) or setting(s) which God has caused to appeal to you the most

    3. and for those purposes which God most needs to have done in the world.

Some other more important things are:

  • Unlearn the idea that we have to keep busy doing something but rather being something.

  • Unlearn the idea that everything we do must be unique to us, but instead be something that is shared with all of mankind. Being kind, forgiving, etc.

  • Unlearn the idea that the part which is uniquely us should not be what God tells us to do without any agreement from our heart, mind and soul, (though the other extreme is to believe it is something we choose to do and then later ask God to bless). God honours our free will and that He has ordained our mission to be something which we have a part in choosing.

  • Unlearn the idea that our mission is something that others must see (or not see.) [Nico's Note: Which brings us to the paradox/conflict: Jesus told us to do our good deeds like prayer, fasting and giving donations in secret yet he also commanded us to let our light shine so that others may see and give praise to God.]. We may never know our impact in this world until we get to heaven. Who is the one who taught Jim Elliot or Billy Graham Bible study?

  • Finally, unlearn the idea that what we accomplish is only our doing. It is God's spirit in us that causes us to will and to work. "In him we live and move and have our being..." It is not I that accomplished this but God and I that did it together...