Friday, January 19, 2007

Observation: Things People Say

You never hear beautiful people say, "It's not what outside that matters. Only the inside." I heard someone say that only ugly people say that.

Only people who have problems with their marriage or children will say, "Don't get married! It's better to stay single."

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lessons I've Learnt...

Imperfection is the norm and perfection the exception.

Don't bite off more than you can chew. Set realistic goals. Achieving something achievable is better than not achieving the grandiose.

A lot of things that you thought you couldn't do isn't impossible. Just put some thought and attention to it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

GRE Sentences...

One way to practice your vocabulary is to use the words you learn...

I am a tyro and a dilettante at taking graduate exams. But one way to come out of an impecunious state is to upgrade yourself. But this essay is a sedulous attempt to make use of the argot of patrician GRE takers. It may be disjointed at times, but do not disparage me until you reach the denouement.

I only hope that my use of bombastic words do not cause malapropisms or become a pedantic display of grandiloquence.

I may become a sycophant towards my examiners. I do not wish my essays to create ennui and be soporific reads but be mellifluous with full cadence and timbre and even create lachrymose reactions of joy towards and garner a verdict that it is an indubitable work of art.

The weather in Singapore can be so capricious! I wish that my surroundings were more salubrious with an azure sky overhead, waking up fresh (I hope that I am not a somnambulist) to an effulgent sunrise, and with the piquant aroma of fresh coffee made by my buxomly inamorata. She is the cynosure of my eyes. In a proscenium, I would ebulliently sing an encomiastic panegyrics for her and excoriate and inveigh those who would dare speak words of aspersion or create canards about her. But I do not want to go overboard and be uxorious towards her.

It could be in piscatorial surroundings. I could jaunt off to the jetty and throw in a seine into the copious river to make a catch for an alimentary lunch and hope that a zephyr cools me down.

Ah, the sybarite that I am!

I wish that I do not engage in polemics so much but if I have to use stentorian tones to make a point I shall.

A feeling of lassitude has come upon me. This imbroglio of words has caused a sense of puissance and I must retire now.

No Entries?

Those of you who follow my blog will realize the change in layout and even (for a few hours) a notice that said the website was suspended.

I decided to merge my hosting accounts to save on costs and I did this right at the end of the expiry of the original account. However, the tech support was slow in helping me migrate.

I also wanted to upgrade Movable Type to version 3.3. This accounts for the layout changes as I'm experiencing teething problems.

You won't be able to access any of the old files, whilst I rebuild the website.

I'm also tied down studying for the GRE. So not much work yet, till I take it this afternoon.