Monday, November 26, 2007

Discover your Roar

I think a lot of us have been castrated by life. We think that we cannot win in life. We think that success is beyond us and slink into our holes or hide behind defenses like email and the anonymity of the Internet.

We are afraid of being who we are. We are fearful to realize that we do have indeed the power to change the world, if only we put in some discipline and give up our old-man.

We must sacrifice the old and realize that sacrifice is not the loss of something beloved, but a gain that makes us holy. We sacrifice our temporal pleasures for long term ones. We must sacrifice our fears and our pet peeves, the grudges that we nursed for far too long.

We need to walk about like a proud lion, afraid of nothing. God didn't make us timid people. He made us a people with a spirit to love, he gave us a spirit of power and of sound mind and discipline.

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