Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Imagine If...

Imagine if you could really have an Aladdin's lamp to wish for whatever you wanted.

Imagine you had no problems, that everyone agreed that you were always right. If you had a husband or wife who disagreed with you, with a snap of your fingers he/she would agree with you.

Or if you had no girlfriend or boyfriend, you could attract whoever you wanted with a blink of an eye.

That if you were fat and overweight and wanted to run a marathon the next day, you could do it in world record time.

That if you wanted to be an entrepreneur you could become a Bill Gates the next day.

Or if you were an artist you could create works of art with a wave of your hand.

Though tempting, it would take the joy out of life. Where would effort be? How would you ever grow? Where would the attachment be if you did not spend the time, energy and effort into creating?

A man who lovingly tends and nurtures a single rose would value it much more than if he could buy a whole garden of rosebushes.

Life is a journey. The paradox is that you cannot focus on the journey but on the goal. Just like maturity. Try observing yourself becoming mature, "Oh, look I'm growing". It doesn't work.

Instead, focus on a goal, aim to achieve it, yet realize that the journey is also an important part of it.

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