Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Experiment Over

After the few weeks experimentation of doing virtual betting, I've stopped.

The results are: I would have lost money. (No surprises there.)

I do not have a keen eye or nose to pick winners. Even picking a winning team isn't good enough, the betting companies know how to give low odds on big teams like Arsenal and Man Utd. You have to get a good secondary pick like actual score or number of goals scored, etc.

But the second thing is, doing soccer result predictions takes time. It may seem easy enough to pick who is the winner but there needs to be some research into it if you're "serious" into betting. You have to find out who's injured, guess the morale of the team, pick the right bet with the best odds, buy the morning paper, read pundits opinions, etc. No wonder there are 1900 numbers that charge a whopping $50/call just for you to hear an "experts" pick.

It's not just the money, it's the time. That's why I couldn't even get started on Fantasy Football. It's the same thing, checking the injury list, thinking about the tactics, guessing which player is worth buying, home and away, etc.

(The ironic thing is if you spent money on every match, blindly betting on AOS (Any Other Score, i.e. any score not listed like 9-0, 7-4, etc.) you would be just about making a profit now. A fluke nonetheless.)

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