Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ratatouille is a delightful film about a rat wanting to be a chef. I give it a 4 star rating. Excellent.

Instead of writing a movie review this time, I decided to dissect the movie into standard template motifs.

Joseph Campbell's Hero of a thousand faces. The hero role is supported by two characters, with Remy being the main hero.

Mystical Birth: Remy is born with a special sensitive nose that can even sniff out poison.
Call To Adventure: Remy is called to adventure when he is swept off into the sewer system.
Refusal of the Call: Remy wants to remain in the sewer.
Crossing the first Threshold: Remy takes the first step to go out of the sewers.
Supernatural Aid: Remy has the spirit of "Gusteau" advising him.
Rebirth/Transformation: The meeting of Remy and Linguini transforms each of them. Remy from just a rat and Linguini from a garbage boy.
Training Sequence/Road of Trials: Remy and Linguini train to work with one another to cook.
Woman As Temptress: Linguini is sidetracked with Collette that he forgets about Remy.
Atonement with Father: Remy sets things straight with his father, Django, later in Act III, Linguini learns of his heritage as Gusteau's son.
The Ultimate Boon: Linguini inherits the restaurant.
Refusal of the Return: Linguini basks in the limelight of fame and forsakes Remy.
The Magic Flight: Earlier in Act II when Remy steals the will and letter from Skinner's office.
Rescue from Without: The whole horde of rats come and help Remy cook.

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