Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Time It Takes To Write A Story

A day of writing should extend for 3-4 hours, which is best done in the morning when the writer is rested.

(I write after a good nap).

Pumping out those ergs of energy each day is NOT like writing a term paper or taking a final exam.

(Which is what I thought too. I agree.)

It is like sustaining a dream that easily dissolves and is gone.

Screenwriting requires us to sustain images that are seen in the mind's eye. To sustain this fictive dream, we learn to focus our imagination.

When you feel that your writing is not happening, it may be because your thinking is not sufficiently focused to imagine. Keep at it, for imagining takes time to learn.

You should also appreciate the challenge of plotting a story and not expect to rush through it. When you feel that your brain is dissolving with fatigue, take it as a sign that you are writing the story. So there is no confusion on this point: Working out a feature-length story can easily take several months of gulag labor. That is the nature of this task, so brace for it.

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