Saturday, August 25, 2007

Separate Christianity from the Culture

The thing I realize is that what you receive in church isn't just Christianity preached. It's also the culture from where it comes from.

Coming from an American denomination, a lot of the preaching style is emotional, high spirited. But it lacks intelligence and thought. There are times when I question the logic in the preachers argument.

The British Christianity that I've observed from the Anglican church is more thoughtful, well thought out. But it lacks a certain pizzazz, spirit, high-tempo.

It may be good for me to visit other churches in my travels like Coptic, Eastern Orthodox. It would be good so that I can contrast what I have readily accepted as Christianity and then realize it was merely cultural practices.

Which leads to another thing to separate it from. The specific church's or preacher's style. What we mistake for Christianity may be the preachers own attitude or mistaken beliefs.

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