Thursday, August 23, 2007

Revisiting Your Story

When you have problems with writing your story, one of the reasons could be that you don't have a clear enough picture of your story and idea.

I'm revisiting my idea and using a framework of ideas from and writing down one paragraph definitions of things like, What is the genre? What is the frame? What is the event? What is the crisis? What is the conflict about? What is the theme?

These are all simple questions to answer. And by answering them I have a clearer understanding because I have broken down my story idea into bite sized and manageable chunks.

The good thing is that I have intuitively answered all these questions when I wrote my synopsis and treatment, so it wasn't too difficult to answer those bite sized questions.

Answering those questions concisely helped though to have a clearer understanding. I think it is good to always go back to answering those questions over and over again.

It applies also to life and work and marriage itself. When you are having problems at work ask yourself, why am I doing what I am doing? Who is my customer? What is the attitude I should have? etc. In marriage: Why did I marry you? How should I love you? What is the goal in our marriage, etc..

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