Friday, August 17, 2007

The Real World is Fake

Wait till you get to the real world. Then you'll know.

That's the thing... I think the real world is the fake world.

The world is built on perception, images... lies.

Image is everything, an ad with Andrea Agassi said.

The stock market is buoyed by "confidence".

Managers don't really manage by objectives achieved, they manage by how good they will look in front of their boss.

The success of cosmetic plastic surgery goes to show the emphasis on appearances are in this world.

Spin doctors abound to protect the image of the clients.

But is there any good in it all? Perhaps. Makeup is to enhance beauty, just like fresh paint on a building. Advertising is to spread good news of some product or service that can help people.

The danger is when truth is compromised.

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