Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Two Weeks With No Blog Entries!

Apologies for those who have been wondering where I've been.

I've been away in Cannes and London and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on Internet cafes. I also couldn't upload photos through their PC's as well.

The other reason is that I'm in the midst of upgrading my laptop. At first I wanted to save all my essential data onto my backup disk and then reformat the hard disk to clean it up. My machine was grinding away too slow after almost 3 years, so it was time to give it a rebirth by reinstalling to OS and getting rid of stuff that you've installed over that time.

But I realized that it's too dangerous and a waste of time to go through your hard disk to back it up. It's easier to just buy a new hard disk, swop it out with your old one (putting the old one in a portable case). You have the comfort of a brand new hard disk and a new backup device with all your precious files still intact.

The problem was that my laptop needs very specialized screwdrivers, and I'll have to go to Sim Lim Square today to find them.

I'll upload my photos as soon as I can!

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