Sunday, June 17, 2007

Play! A Video Game Symphony


Watched Play! A Video Game Symphony at the Esplanade today with Vee Nee, June Foo and Jason Foo.

It's a symphony of video game music, which shows that video game music isn't simple but really great music, matching even cinema quality.

Among the tunes that were familiar to me were Super Mario Bros, Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV, Legend of Zelda, and Metal Gear Solid.

We took the cheapest tickets to watch, since its a symphony the emphasis is on the music. I must say that even sitting at the top most level--Circle 3, the music at the Esplanade Concert Hall was excellent.

Having a concert of video game music adds another stamp of approval into making video games a mainstream creative art form on par with theatre, music and dance and film.

It would be quite stressful for me to play in an orchestra, I would be afraid to miss my cue. A wrong note here, or the timing off by a millisecond, and you would notice.
The symphony reminded me on what it means by timing. Each of us has to play a part in this world, we enter into the grand symphony of life with a purpose. Our song plays but for a while in a orchestral arrangement of lives arranged by the Great Composer himself.
There is a time for everything a time to be born and and a time to die.
So how do we live? We learn from mistakes, we practice until we get to be so good in the art of living that it becomes effortless. If we make mistakes, then what we did was a rehearsal for another moment when it will become second nature for us to do the right thing.

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