Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How To Respond To Criticism the Malaysian Way...

If a foreigner (diplomat, journalist, etc.) criticizes your country's policies:

"You should not interfere with our internal affairs."

If a citizen (journalist, activist, etc.) criticizes your country's policies:

"This is a sensitive issue. You should not raise it up."

If the issue is valid, use an irrelevant and worse example to contrast:

"If we are really (anti-Christian, anti-Chinese, etc..) you wouldn't see (churches, chinese) on the streets."

OR attack them back...

"You say we (ethnic/religious group) are bad??? Look at Hitler! That (Christian/German/Westerner) killed so many people." -- (Though they neglect to mention that there were also Christians, Anglo-Saxons and Westerners on the allied front fighting for freedom).

OR claim knowledge of harmful motives or lack of knowledge on the criticizer's part.

"The west is engaged in X-religion bashing." or "The west wants to (politically/economically) colonize us again." or "You don't know our country."

OR (Singapore way...)

"That point is irrelevant to the issue."

"You cannot compare (USA/Finland/etc...) president's salary with Singapore". (I see, then we shouldn't also look at world rankings for Best Airport, Least Corrupt Country, Most Competitive Country.)

Finally when all else fails... (and this is my favourite)...

"It's a Jewish conspiracy."

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