Wednesday, June 20, 2007

God Is Great, But Malaysia Ain't So

The recent Lina Joy case shows the hypocrisy and weakness of the Malaysian legal system.

As the news of the verdict filtered out shouts of "God is Great" filled the air by a crowd of about 200 people outside of the courts.

Lina Joy, a Christian was disallowed from changing her legal status from Islam to Christian.

Lina had received death threats for her challenge to the legal system in Malaysia. But as we see, history repeats itself, the judges were as weak as Pilate, who washed his hands of responsibility and handed Jesus to the Jews.

In this case, it was Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim and Datuk Alauddin Mohd Sheriff who handed Lina over to the Islamic Shariah courts.

So was Pope Benedict right? Is there no compulsion to believe in Islam? Or is it spread by the sword or in this case the sword of the courts?

I can only pray for my Malay friends that one day they will know the freedom to worship God in freedom and in truth.

The irony for Malaysia is this: For a race that considers itself privileged, they fail to give themselves the basic human right to freedom of religion.

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