Saturday, June 09, 2007

Future Tech is Bright

If you haven't heard, Microsoft just unveiled Surface, the new face of computing of the future.

It utilizes multi-touch sensing technology, combined with projectors, etc.

If you saw Minority Report, you may remember Tom Cruise donning a glove to manipulate images on a screen. Or if you saw The Island, starring Ewan McGregor, you may have noticed the display table the antagonist used.

The technology is available now, and you may see it soon by the end of this year!

These screens are only the beginning. Every surface can be interactive and can be used to manipulate or display data.

No more USB ports and syncing to your PC. (My pictures from my Europe trip could be uploaded faster by just dragging directly from my phone to the Flickr website.)

I could download a file directly into my thumbdrive by just touching the screen.

You could have board games with interactive boards rather than cardboard ones, play pong, or even something akin to the chess we saw Star Wars. (They have to invent 3D hologram displays next.)

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