Friday, June 29, 2007

Being Poor...

There are benefits and also dark sides to being poor:

1. You learn to manage scarce resources.
2. You know what is the most important things to spend your resources on.
3. You gain an eye to look for opportunities to extend your dollar or to get benefits for free.
4. You learn to appreciate the truly finer things in life without the distraction of materialism.
5. You stretch yourself further.
6. You learn to rely on things other than just money to get things done, persuasion, intellect.

The dark side of being poor:

1. You may start to believe no one wants to help you.
2. You may believe that being poor is your lot in life.
3. You may start hating those who are rich.
4. You can be so distracted looking for money that you forget that life is more than just money.
5. You may keep shortchanging yourself in career choices, life-partner choices.
6. You may learn to pinch pennies but not focus on earning bigger dollars.

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