Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Art of Gatecrashing


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Here's a picture of a gatecrasher I met on the evening of the big premier of Ocean's 13 at Cannes.

He's not the only one, I saw like at least 20 over other people dressed in tuxedo's and dresses wishing to get in.

Actually gate crashing at the Cannes Film Festival isn't that bad--if you're interested in watching foreign films. Not blockbusters.

You can watch quite a few interesting films by hanging around the entrances of the theatres and unashamedly holding up a sign (like the gentleman pictured).

The problem is though that some need a badge as well. And that's harder to get. A Cannes entrance pass costs about €200.

If you do have a pass you don't need to beg for a ticket. Each pass gives you about 200 points to spend on getting tickets. Unknown films or rare ones are cheap, maybe 10 points or so. A movie like Ocean's 13 though... costa about 110 points. That's more than half your point allocation and it needs a privileged pass of a special colour.

I did wear a tux, but I didn't get to see Ocean's 13... no point watching it if you can watch it back home for S$9. I had a movie pitch anyway to go to.

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